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The first loan no one forgets, especially for fear of not being approved! If you are thinking of taking out a loan from a financial institution, but have never done a loan, and want to know how it works or how the procedure will be done, we will simply attempt to exemplify with relevant information to help you with some questions when requesting your loan. first loan with more security. fleshes this out

The most common in many banks or financial is checking the possibility of the client obtaining a particular type of loan and subsequently requesting the necessary documents such as the RG or Driver’s License, CPF, Tax Receipts, Proof of Income and Residence and other useful information .

When the loan in person takes effect immediately, but by telephone or internet, the delay in sending the requested documents along with the signed contract may result in the delay of the release of the money.


An important item for those who want to take out a loan

An important item for those who want to take out a loan

Never hire the first loan right away, that is, the first proposal you find ahead of you, rather research, compare and analyze the conditions, advantages, interest rates and require accurate information various banks and financial institutions.

Credit institutions offer a huge range of varieties of loans , see the various options, in the financial market there are loans for those who need quick and easy money in abundance. Forget this story of borrowing for friends and relatives or some family member.

As the credit offers are immense, you can choose the first loan between “personal credit modalities”, “pre-approved loan lines”, overdraft, credit card withdrawal, check loan or bank loans at the bank that you have current account or even a financial one that you have confidence.

If you have checkbook the possibility of getting the first loan increases. Check loans are charged with fixed and acceptable interest rates on borrowed money, but to apply for this type of credit you can not have a check returned at CCF, if everything is right, the money you need is available on the same or the same day .

Another way to acquire the first loan is to present your automobile or other valuable asset as a collateral, in this operation the credit released can reach up to 90% of the value of the asset.


The first loan can also be contracted over the internet quickly and securely

The first loan can also be contracted over the internet quickly and securely

Search the internet by visiting websites of companies of your interest, analyze the contract or financial regulation that caught you a little attention due to the services presented. Look for special offers and access some personal loan simulator online at official banks always checking interest rates and what the actual percentage charged by each institution, do not forget the payment terms, all this can be done online.

The taking of a loan needs and should be planned before it is requested. Before signing the contract make sure you are doing the right thing, because borrowing bad loans with high interest charges can bring future financial problems and complicate the family or individual budget.

Before applying for the first loan, also check that your credit is available, that is, if you do not have any credit restrictions, if it has the dirty name, consult SPC and Serasa before to print your credit report or bank history for concession Credit can be a good way to avoid embarrassment.

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