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Since their main target is of the younger demographic, these media formats are most appropriate in reaching out to them. They all promote to and update followers on the content that the other representational strategies are creating, but with different tactics. Facebook and Twitter are holistic posting about new collections, news media coverage, links to […]

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They live on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, in Honduras. She can barely afford food for him and his sister, Belky, who is seven. She’s never been able to buy them a toy or a birthday cake. An easy way to find out about your clothing is to locate and download the free Android and/or iPhone […]

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Self Ambushing Self ambushing is the practice of breaching the limits of a company’s sponsorship parameters in a way that infringes on another sponsor’s marketing or advertising. For example, in 2008 the official sponsor of the UEFA European Championships, Carlsberg, gave out headbands and t shirts with the Carlsberg logo at the tournament. These forms […]

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Matthew mentions eating 20 times. John mentions eating 14 times. Eating is a central theological issue and is mentioned 22 times in I Corinthians. Roussanov: This is a very important question. What is job polarization? So far I talked about low skill jobs disappearing, and higher skill jobs increasing their share of total employment. When […]

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Muslim women were purchasing athletic wear from other retailers and getting along just fine. But, by featuring a hijabi woman in its advertising, Nike normalizes the presence of Muslims in America. Seeing Muslims in media helps Americans, implicitly or explicitly, accept that Muslims are part of our society. 2. Borns is an incredible artist with […]

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They can have dressing rooms and bathrooms the stuff that stadiums have and that we don have. We have a field. It just different. “I was born and raised here for the past 35 years, and I am heartbroken,” said Bertha Delgado, president of the East Town Lake Citizens Neighborhood Association. “I’m also angry. All […]

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Members of the Coalition to Protect Miyashita Park from Becoming Nike Park have slept in tents in the park since March. They are trying to block the ward from renovating the park. The problem was finding the money to pay for it all. Dr Carrie Wyland: We’re just going to do a couple of tasks […]