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Both quantitative and qualitative methods were applied to investigate the model. This paper reports on a large scale questionnaire survey, follow up interviews with SMEs owner managers and the use of published accounts to show how companies have performed during this study. The role and relevance model of marketing in SMEs has been thoroughly investigated […]

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractIllnesses caused by a variety of micro and macro organisms can negatively affect individuals’ fitness, leading to the expectation that immunity is under positive selection. Survival or reproductive success) meaning that individuals with intermediate response may have the greatest overall fitness. Such a process might be particularly acute in species with strong […]

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Meanwhile in in Hong Kong, real estate is just as hard to come by for the dead as it is for the living. Many public columbaria, where urns are stored, are full, leading funeral homes to stash the ashes of hundreds of thousands of deceased in backrooms while the government searches for somewhere to put […]