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Do you know what it is in you that needs Healing? So Many of us walk around feeling like there is nothing wrong, we get used to being uncomfortable so what is right feels strange. We allow ourselves to feel good on special occasions and that’s it. That is un natural. There are ways to […]

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“The watermelon has always been associated with blacks, because it’s indigenous to Africa and slaves would grow them in their kitchen gardens,” explains Fredrick Douglass Opie, professor of history and foodways at Babson College. “But the hurtful watermelon stereotype dates back to the post Civil War period of Reconstruction. During this time, there were more […]

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The overall goal for your business may be revenue based; however, your goal for the event may be client or partnership leads. Keep the number of goals (especially for the event) limited to just one or two goals.Step 2: Write your goals on separate sheets of paper in a notebook that you will bring with […]

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Vice has also moved into news and political coverage in two forms: serious documentary style coverage and snarky, opinionated pieces. Government Shut Down Because Everything Is Stupid.”This is reflective of that political weariness and visible lack of affiliation of the Hipsters, expressed through irony and snark. Content in this vein may alienate certain consumers but […]

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In early 2017 in their StyleForum thread, Grant Stone mentioned they were working on an Oxford cap toe, and developing a new last for it (there was also a blog post on their site). Lots of discussion followed, but they mentioned they were still working on tweaking the last and pattern. It was intermittently mentioned, […]

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Florence is a very close neighbor to Darlington, SC, location of the Darlington Raceway which hosts the NASCAR Southern 500. This event is a major icon in the Pee Dee Area. Darlington Raceway was only a twenty minute drive from my house in Florence, so if all the hotels are booked in Darlington, Florence would […]

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I do realise the EAS re entry was pretty damned close to Australia in the end (more so than I realised when quoting the co ordinates), so I have posted an update above (inc. Google Earth screenshot). Also, you are totally correct, the source was wrong the EAS would have re entered/splashdown in the South […]

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The first fleet ballistic missile Lt. John F. Laboon of Mt. And Mrs. Lavern Busse and family Mr. And Mrs. This is a natural physical condition where a person’s feet do not have any curves. Sometimes, it is found that flat feet can be developed due to feet abuse. The arch in the feet is […]

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“I am thrilled that we have found the a new practice home within the Boston city limits,” principal owner Charlie Jacobs said in a statement. “Our goal is to set the industry standard in everything that we do, and we are confident that our new practice facility will do just that. As we enter the […]