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It’s Sex in the City with the sultry vampy look in halter tops, cut outs, bare midriffs, hot pants, plunging backs, sequins and enough sheer to hide, well, absolutely nothing. Conversely, there is a more cool, calm, collected and chic look that is also on racks now. Wasserstein’s new play, Old Money, is beginning rehearsals. […]

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BBDO’s slogans include ”It’s the Right One Baby, Uh Huh,” for Pepsi. ”There’s not as many today that you can point to as in the past as being wonderful,” he said. ”It’s often an afterthought.” At the same time, marketing consultants say, impatient and profit hungry advertisers are reluctant to give slogans much time to […]

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Mr. Fitzloff declined to disclose controversies among his jury members, but his own comments suggest he really liked the Titanium Lion winner from Ogilvy Mather Argentina for Cerveza Salta, in which a fan of the beer brand had a branded “beer tooth” implanted in his mouth. And, in terms of the Titanium definition, what’s more […]

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(Privacy Policy)AppNexusThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)OpenxThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Rubicon ProjectThis is an ad network. La fin des ann 1980, j’ l’un des trois chroniqueurs de l’ de t Le d de l’achigan, avec Daniel Cousineau et R Larose. Nous parlions d abondamment, entre autres, de la remise l’eau des poissons. […]

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Narration: But it now appears pattern recognition isn’t the brain’s only source of wisdom. Here in Sydney, at the prestigious Brain Dynamics Centre, Dr Lea Williams has just assessed 1,000 brains across 30 cognitive tests with truly astonishing results. To find out what she’s discovered, we’re about to pit Generation X against the baby boomer […]

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I want Samsung to care about design, to believe that its customers have good taste and that there more to building brand loyalty than beating customers over the head with clever commercials. I want it to give me something, anything, that both truly different and truly great. But that not what Samsung does.. The University […]

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I am not a weight loss professional, but I am someone that has watched others suffer with carrying around unwanted pounds and I have struggled with the affliction myself. My theory on weight loss is simple. Eat fewer calories than you burn. Shale gas and shale oil, unlocked by fracking, which has given domestic oil […]

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How Does Zinc Work to Help You Get Over a Cold?Researchers are not certain how the zinc mineral helps reduce cold symptoms. However, it does appear to have antiviral properties that reduce the life of the cold virus within your body. When the virus cannot replicate itself or attach to nasal membranes, the duration and […]

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ESPN first began unpacking that question in the fall of 2015, when it introduced a midnight version of “SportsCenter” helmed by veteran anchor and radio host Scott Van Pelt. A hit with the 18 to 34 crowd, the late night show is a distinct programming strain unto itself, splicing the “SportsCenter” DNA with Mr. Van […]