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Urban birds, however, not only dine on seeds and berries from ornamental plantings, but a smorgasbord of foods dropped by pedestrians or left in trash. “Bagels, doughnuts, pizza crusts are the mainstay of a modern feral pigeon’s diet,” according to Andrew Blechman’s 2007 book, Pigeons. Food is often supplied by people tossing commercial bird seed […]

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If you’ve heard the talk about Chamique Holdsclaw being the Michael Jordan of women’s basketball, you’d say she has some nerve picking Jordan’s number 23 as her own. She’s just 21, not even a pro, still a senior and a forward for the University of Tennessee Lady Vols. What hype! What hubris! And how do […]

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The jerseys, which were first posted on Twitter by FAU radio voice Ken LaVicka, have a mid 90’s throwback vibe, with the full FAU logo on the chest, with white and blue piping around the neck and arms. Kickoff (Fox Sports One) as part of a campus wide blackout initiative. FAU, who debuted gray pants […]

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Not only were we able to reconnect with alumni, but we also met with parents of current students as well as prospective students and their families as they sought to learn more about the College and our programs and opportunities. Recent graduates were hard at work at these events, helping us connect students to internships […]

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Moslem commander 10. Harbor boat n. Bishopric 19. The quarterback tucks the ball to her ribs and squares her shoulders with the oncoming defender. A quick juke to the left sends the Chicago player flying by, a blur of orange jersey and blond hair. Dixon looks back down the field. Numbers change. Incompletions and interceptions […]

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Personally, I think the slower pace of baseball is part of its charm. It’s RELAXING as well as fun to watch! But, we have become a nation of “I need it now” consumers, and football delivers that more effectively than baseball. This is a shame, since baseball is more nuanced and, in many ways, more […]

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Ms. MUFLEH: It wasn’t even a cleat. It was just one huge oversize sneaker. With the game in the balance, Bergeron found the back of the not once, but twice. Bergeron’s first tally came 1:15 into the third; a slick wrist shot from the slot to put the ahead for good. His elite two way […]

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“The word ‘no’ is the impetus for the name Squeaky,” said CEO and Founder Anthony Del Monte. “I always felt that I needed to be the one who made a little noise. Being the youngest of a family of five kids all born back to back, making noise was the only mechanism I had in […]