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Of course, we don want to get on the blame Mom bandwagon. And we really don want a return to mom jeans. But maybe we can give ourselves and others some time off in the relentless pursuit of post pregnancy hotness. No. 3: Raimondas Rumsas, Lithuania. On the last day of the 2002 Tour, police […]

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Thornton served 12 years as a NASA astronaut, flying on four space missions, including the first Hubble Space Telescope Service Mission. She has logged more than 975 hours in space and more than 21 hours of space walking. Thornton also headed the NASA Johnson Space Center Education working group, which coordinated the educational outreach activities […]

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Eat them, she said. Part of the web of life. And I think it pretty neat that they a food source like that. The new tagline for the No. 3 burger chain will begin appearing in the company’s marketing on Friday, with TV ads that promote the company’s recently overhauled burgers. Dubbed the Dave’s Single […]

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Today, three quarters of all web surfers still use IE, even as the open source browser Firefox has gained prominence, as has Apple’s browser, Safari.The dust has settled from Sony and Toshiba’s battle over high definition DVD formats. And in the light of day, it looks like the spoils from Sony’s victory may not be […]

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Grand 34 Carthage a Wheaton 21 Central a. Luther 14 Cent Missouri i2. Evangel I Concordia 34. C’est comme au jeu des 7 familles, je sduit le fils, le pre, la grand mre, et transmet le message de gnration en gnration. Ce faisant, truffe de messages publicitaires, la tlvision, progressivement, dtourne les processus d’identification des […]

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Then comes the hard part: restraint. Imagine Andre the Giant trying to squeeze juice from an orange directly into a highball glass without making a mess. That’s how you have to get on the Redeye’s throttle after passing the apex, caressing the throttle until the lateral forces have mostly subsided. But we need to worry […]

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While many American Apparel stores have already been closed through ongoing reorganization efforts, the rest will be gone in a few months. More upsettingly, Charney pride and joy, his Los Angeles factory at which much of the company products were made has been shut down. Workers spent Monday this week in lines at the facility […]