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Demetris Robertson’s track speed has left opposing cornerbacks far behind a number of times already this season, but Bowers’ tosses his way have been way off target. The threat of Robertson going over the top can help in creating opportunities for other receivers, but if his quarterback continues to be so far off page with […]

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Golf shoe soles golf shoe soles have minimal shock absorption and flexibility as compared to basketball or traditional gym shoes. They are available with metal spikes, soft spikes or spikeless. Metal spikes are typically removable and improve stability and traction on wet or irregular terrain. There is always a danger of collision or breakage of […]

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It also reduced the president power in appointing commissioners of the government watchdog Board of Audit and Inspection. It also curtailed the president power to grant special pardons, which critics said has long been abused to free business tycoons convicted of bribery and other white color crimes.But Moon will find it hard to pass his […]

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Can the NCAA do that?Yes, with some help. The idea behind this recommendation is that high school and college players seeking professional advice including whether to declare for the draft often do so illicitly because NCAA rules don’t allow players to openly speak with paid advisers. Rice’s commission recommended the NCAA appoint a vice president […]

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Shift the perception that women and people of color are fragile or have something missing, and recognize in a bold way they are indeed the strongest, richest leaders a company can get. I believe challenging experiences in life make you stronger and better, and definitely women and people of color have experienced many challenges throughout […]

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The older ones, not so much. But Louisville and its athletics department didn’t have a say in the design, only the color scheme, say Louisville officials because in the relationship between college athletics and apparel companies, the Nikes and Adidases of the world hold the cards. Instead of a team paying an apparel provider, apparel […]

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The offensive line shuffle continued, briefly, on Monday. Right guard Mike Remmers (left ankle) returned to practice after sitting out nearly two weeks, including missing Saturday’s preseason opener in Denver. However, Remmers did not take part in full team drills. Most of us arrived because of the riches of watching kids succeed. Somewhere down the […]