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The American meritocracy came into full bloom. Anyone and everyone could move up the economic and social ladder and indulge in the trappings of luxury that came with this new found success. Since 1970, real household income in America has risen by 30 percent; one fourth of American households have an annual income of more […]

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But Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, aren’t just meeting up to chow down. (For sartorial completists, the noticeably pregnant Bell has her hair pulled back in a classic ballet bun, wears neon Nike running shoes and not a drop of makeup for our date). The two are promoting a Samsung commercial that feels so […]

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(2011)Recently (2013) Alan has been a volunteer distance coach with Shalane Flannagan at Portland State under Jon Marcus guidance.Former Olympians Join PSU Running TeamsSpring 2014 Summer 2015, Alan received the best guidance in triathlon training with USA Triathlon. One of his mentors includes renowned running coach Bobby McGee.Alan is currently an assistant cross country coach […]

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The auction is expected to end Dec. 20th, 2017. For more information, check out the listing at Grey Flannel Auctions.. Upon sitting down at my desk however, I noticed that the waist trainer suddenly became extraordinarily uncomfortable, folding over and poking into my back in a most awkward fashion. After heading to the bathroom to […]

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The frightening part of this political rope a doping is that a delayed and anemic economic recovery may, just may, carry him on to a second term. With that second term, however, comes a new reality no more Bush bashing. He will continue to spend the people’s money, but it will be with a new […]