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The iPhone 7 may be evidence that gone are the days when a new smartphone could truly wow the world. After all, there only so much functionality you can pack in these devices before you enter the realm of the superfluous. Apple rivals are experimenting features that represent brilliant feats of engineering, like eye scanners […]

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As M Vijay went on the attack, along with Hayden and Raina, the target looked even less intimidating; but then, Yusuf conjured a stunning run out to break Chennai’s momentum. Soon after, Dhoni too crashed into Badrinath for a crucial run out. The match turned emphatically towards the Royals until, of course, Albie Morkel decided […]

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Ram was spun off from the large Dodge division. Younger Chrysler executives replaced veterans and were handed ambitious sales and financial targets but with autonomy to reach them. The Jeep lineup was nourished and expanded globally. Zero Waste, said Peter Montague, director of the Environmental Research Foundation, had the potential to “motivate people to change […]

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Intellectual property (IP) may seem modest but when it comes to value there are different intellectual property valuation methodologies you can utilize to determine worth. IP consists of many things including company name, slogans, logos, telephone numbers, plans, documents, process, and even developed and proven ideas.Some organizations, both large and small, often have new employees […]