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Japanese specific references In the Gintama series, most, if not all, episodes/chapters mentions or illustrates a different anime/manga, or a specific Japanese event or person. It also breaks the fourth wall in more than one occasion.In the first episode of the anime, there is a section that explains how to correctly pronounce the title. This […]

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Due to global warming, however, seals are legitimately stupid now. As the greenhouse gases warm our ocean, they have been able to find less food and survive for little time. With time they evolved and became less intelligent, to preserve energy so they could keep their other organs (heart, lungs, digestive system) functioning to avoid […]

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The iPhone 7 may be evidence that gone are the days when a new smartphone could truly wow the world. After all, there only so much functionality you can pack in these devices before you enter the realm of the superfluous. Apple rivals are experimenting features that represent brilliant feats of engineering, like eye scanners […]