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During the summer, bears go into hyperphagia, a period when they eat as much as they can to bulk up for winter. During hyperphagia, bears will eat up to 20,000 calories a day and spend 20 hours a day just looking for food. Residents of areas where bears are common are asked to “bear proof” […]

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Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Doctors Without Borders called it “unprecedented, really shocking testimony,” but it wasn’t a one time gaffe from an […]

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The pre race favourite, who has been a podium regular throughout this cross country season always looked as if she would claim top honours despite the valiant efforts of Letterkenny AC’s Fionnuala Diver, it was Amy who broke the tape first in 14:30 (1st place). Fionnuala followed just one second later in 14:31 (2nd place), […]

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Pour la premi fois de son histoire, l’entreprise a achet et a conserv le b d’une banni concurrente (BMR) pour la transformer en succursale Canac. Le d les am et les ajouts apport aux infrastructures de la succursale augustinoise ont n des investissements de 6,5 M$ et engendr la cr de 70 nouveaux emplois directs. […]

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Indeed, it appears that today’s younger consumers have come to expect brands to offer incentive programs. Almost 30% of all studied said brand loyalty requires such a program. A CMO might react negatively to the news that only a third of customers were loyal to the brand, suggested Mr. 15. The foundation provides financial assistance […]

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For the Cubs, 45 games a year are on WGN, 24 on ABC7 and the rest on NBCS Chicago, which I think you can get with most streaming services (YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling, etc.). You only need an antenna to watch ABC7 and WGN. The Bulls are also 30 40 times a season on […]

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“Full blast, please,” were my words as I neared him, to which he kindly obliged to give me a thorough drenching. Ah, bliss! A momentary lapse in concentration from the relief meant I only had enough time to target the final cup of water from the nearby volunteers. Guess what We both fumbled it! “Shit,” […]

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Tough year for the Washington Wizards basketball team. They’ve lost 23 games, won just four. Their best player has been out with a bad knee, and this week, they couldn’t even wear their regular blue road uniforms. Super Bowl Sunday, 1998. The Denver Broncos were taking on the Green Bay Packers, with Denver riding the […]