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BPG secured an exclusive manufacturing licensing agreement for Stackit, an automated material stacking robotic system for the manufacture of soft goods. Grabit technology leverages its own patents as well as licensed patents of SRI International. Grabit applies electroadhesion to solutions previously unavailable in manufacturing, including the handling of difficult fabrics and other porous materials.”As consumer […]

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Method is to get centered, as though you are going to meditate, by getting comfortable and focus[ing] on your breathing. This can be done sitting up or lying down. I like to feel my feet firmly grounded as though roots are extending through the bottom of my feet into the earth. The systems engineers who […]

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In this paper, I wish to examine further the role that representation plays in Laruelle’s non philosophy, considering it in relation to the representationalist model of experience posited by Kant (and the response to this model from his idealist critics, especially Fichte and Schopenhauer). Both Kant and Laruelle enclose the world within the sphere of […]

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The couple have since called it quits and separated some time last year.Smith bears a striking resemblance to both Tiger’s ex wife Elin Nordegren and long time love Lindsey Vonn.Kristin and Tiger looked as if they hadn’t a care in the world in the summer holiday pictures. In one shot of the two together, they […]

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Bergmann graduated from Concordia High School this past spring and has signed with the University of Kansas. She was named the Gatorade Kansas girls track and field athlete of the year in 2009. Although Bergmann plans to take the rest of the summer off from competition, she continues to rank No. Lou LaDonna, now 20, […]

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Unfortunately, sometimes, I feel as though I do not belong in this left wing circle. Yes, I would call myself a social justice warrior, but some of the beliefs that appear in this circle are troubling. I know that the problems with the right are much worse. Everything is sort of damp. Laundry is a […]

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BellaSugar reporter Kirbie Johnson visited The Private Room salon in Beverly Hills where owner and celebrity hairstylist Tina Dizon shared her secrets to trimming side swept bangs. In order to perfect “the flirt” (aka long bangs), Dizon says that it is best to start with dry hair because if you snip away on wet locks, […]