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The state is also asking for the public’s help in identifying three men who dumped a dryer and washing machine in the refuge on Nov. 9. A surveillance photo shows the three men preparing to the dump the appliances. Designers have to learn how to create for the technology; it a different thought process. Materials […]

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But, pardon me, we better. Our claims to expertise: 1. A combined 80 years (yikes!) writing about films; 2. In the digital world, content has the tendency to lose value, and especially on smart devices, we recognize that it is challenging to maintain the value of our content. It is because of this recognition that […]

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Catching the basketball is the first skill for the grade school basketball player to develop. Getting a lot of experience catching the ball and pivoting toward the basket is a basic skllwhich helps a team immensely. By catching the ball instead of turning it over, your team has more possessions and thus more opportunities to […]

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Bob Ward of the Travis County Historical Commission drew our attention to this airborne mystery. We not fingering aliens, but the reports fit the definition of an flying object. 18, 1897 headlines in the Austin Daily Statesman shouted and Startling: A Is It? Serenely Sailing over the Blessed Long Star State. You intentionally built like […]

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The desirability of the 49’er was immediate, despite the introductory retail price range of $14.95 to $17.95. Says Parker, “We have many testimonials of how young women saved their babysitting and strawberry picking money in order to buy a 49 Women everywhere had it on their wish list of gifts.” The first consumer was the […]

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She could identify her attacker’s clothing but not her attacker. She could not identify her son’s assailant.But Cartwright’s relatives described the clothing he was wearing earlier that day, which matched the bloodstained clothing he was wearing when he was arrested, according to court documents. He was on parole, released two months earlier after serving almost […]

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In the East we have Lebron, so that means drama. They are in their usual midseason funk and it will get so bad that something will happen. The problem is they have no assets except the pick. OTTAWA As investors head into RRSP season this year, stocks in Canada and the United States sit at […]

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Generally investing in stock market is treated more or less equal to gambling. Trading by the book is basically educating yourself on how the stock market works and trading based on what you learned. This is a good place to start for those who want to learn what should and should not be done but […]