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But we do want information to be recorded for the future. Has his eye on an existing state database, nicknamed WISAARD the Washington Information System for Architectural Archaeological Records Data as a place where all property records for about to be demolished houses could go. Statewide, and it publicly accessible, he said and, at the […]

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Lately, though, the politicians are saying a tax revamp will take a while the last major tax reform, in 1986, took more than a year. Mr. Trump now wants to make another stab at the health law first. Another point of vulnerability is a company’s own employees. Corporations that are embroiled in scandals or repeatedly […]

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Most also attend school. And someone, they insist, has to look out and stand up for them. “People pay us less because we are young,” says 16 year old UNATSBO president Jos Guillermo Mamani. “It’s a good lesson for the tourists,” says Gerry. The drunken butterflies are easily accessible for visitors to pick up, hold, […]

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“It’s fun to come down here and see my brother play. I don’t get too many opportunities to do that, but when I do I definitely take advantage of it,” Feleipe Franks said after the UCF victory. “It’s definitely a busy day and I’m kinda tired, but it’s worth the drive to come down here […]

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After James announced to ESPN his intention to join the Miami Heat next season, Gilbert, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner, had a public meltdown. First, he published an angry open letter calling out “The King” as the equivalent of a basketball Benedict Arnold. Then he followed with an emotional rant later during an interview with The […]

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Put a lot of money into the facility, this person says. Big enough to get through the engineering builds (and) lets us keep everything in house during the development stages. Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.Right now smartphones and other gadgets essentially use off the shelf display technology. Anyway, fat wouldn’t be sexy. There is an […]

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Photo by Chris Landsberger, The OklahomanKevin Durant (35) of Oklahoma City tries for a rebound as he is fouled by Josh Powell (21) of Los Angeles during the NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Friday, March 26, 2010. Oklahoma City won, […]