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No it doesn’t. Nor does it make sense that the President and the First Lady would commend Amazon for creating middle class jobs or Walmart for bringing groceries to urban neighborhoods. Not if workers and communities matter to them as much as they do to those who won the White House for them.. His grandson […]

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She asks him out with her date card. Their date consists of horseback riding and a beach makeout, complete with Jenna’s bikini butt being censored with a black box the entire time. Jordan, being Jordan, comes back from the date and straight up tells Annaliese that the date was fantastic and that his connection with […]

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Nike’s Quality Controls should focus primarily on their endorsement contracts because if certain endorsers were to stop using Nike products, Nike’s brand could be adversely affected. In addition, failure to continue correctly identifying promising athletes to use and endorse our products could negatively affect Nike’s brand and profitability. This quality control would be a preventive […]

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It wasn for her having Medicaid, we couldn afford insurance, Peiffer said. Has really saved our family from, one, being homeless, or two, not having a daughter. Peiffers were one of three Southwest Washington families to share their stories with Gov. If adversity is what defines and molds each generation, then Millenials are just as […]