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While Government should be in the driver s seat, policymakers must have the ability to make informed choices. For that, they had to be fed information from civil society and the private sector. Financing was also critical in bringing that process to fruition, and should not just come from public coffers.. Takes off fedora and […]

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The old model of giving periodic training to employees to keep them abreast of recent trends no longer suffices. Here’s your introduction to “Just In Time” online learning. How do you get your staff’s morale up after a major disappointment or failure? Follow these tips to get things back. So ready tells Harry were right […]

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Among the brands that will be featured prominently throughout All Star Weekend are new NBA sponsors Verizon and Mountain Dew. Verizon, which replaced Sprint after the telco decided against renewing what had been a four year, $225 million deal, will serve as the presenting sponsor of Saturday’s Slam Dunk competition on TNT. For its part, […]

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As you settle into the run, begin to notice the rhythm you’ve established. Does it feel comfortable? How does the body feel? Does it feel balanced, with an equal amount of force being used in both legs? How do the arms feel? And the shoulders? Is there anywhere in the body that feels tight? If […]

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Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Sorry, something went wrong. Its what I do! Even at USAA, I often found myself drawn to roles where I could teach and […]

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45 planets have now been discovered using the transit method, and since they started operation in 2004 the SuperWASP cameras have found 15 of them, which makes SuperWASP by far the most successful discovery instruments in the world. The SuperWASP planets have a variety of masses, between a middleweight 0.5 and a huge 8.3 times […]

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Paterno was strongly criticized for some of his comments about the scandal. Freeh noted that Paterno, after assistant coach Mike McQueary reported witnessing Sandusky sexually abuse a boy in the shower in 2001, said: “You did what you had to do. It is my job now to figure out what we want to do.”. It […]

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Once you spend the first several hundred dollars, a couple hundred dollars more could make a huge difference. Save on the fancy extras and spend on the basic needs of the people you are trying to attract. Extra seating, interactive information and common, well accepted finger foods are basic things that everyone appreciate.. The ubiquity […]