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Feds run amok on Black case Regarding our government’s persecution of Nancy Black, aren’t there more important issues today in our country than a six year investigation of this former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employee? How many millions of tax dollars has this cost? This seems to be more evidence of our government run […]

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Volunteer to do that because it my passion and it not like we have funds to do this, we don we get it in between our businesses. Temba is a training assistant at Stitch 2 Stitch. She helps with computer skills and garment construction but started out as a trainee in 2016.. Let us not […]

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Most of us are all too eager to demonstrate our product and business knowledge and quickly take control of a customer interaction to demonstrate expertise. We believe this will help our clients trust and buy from us. However, as Amy Cuddy finds in her recent book Presence, competence is only part of what compels trust. […]

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This has made me begin thinking more about what is really a constant refrain in missional thought. Church can exist for many people in its standard form, and for new Christians or those needing a heavy foundation it still “works”. But it runs into a wall, and this wall is often maturity not nominality. Others […]

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That when the full Alabama Supreme Court got involved. In March, the state Supreme Court (minus Moore, who recused himself due to the fact that he had already taken action on the issue) handed down a ruling in the separate case ofEx parte State ex rel. Alabama Policy Institutethat upheld the state same sex marriage […]