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A registered Republican, Twila Crowder says she’s had long conversations with her son about his political beliefs, which she says have matured dramatically over the years. “It used to be anarchy this and anarchy that,” she recalls. “Now he just wants to make sure that the big guys don’t take advantage of the little guys. […]

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FILE This is a Friday, Aug. 12, 2016 file photo of Gold medalist Bradley Wiggins of Britain as he poses on the podium of the Men’s team pursuit final at the Rio Olympic Velodrome during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Somewhere in Russia, one imagines, computer hackers are congratulating themselves on […]

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Just flat out the best and most athletic player I coached, said Bozeman. Intensity level is undeniable. 5 foot 10 guard was the heart and soul of the county premier squad. Both William and Marguerite Zorach succeeded in art. Both were part of the Armory Show in New York in 1913, the first major exhibition […]

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Of course, not all brands survive. We have countless examples of mismanaged companies, which lacked the foresight to disrupt themselves and invest in the future. But the time it takes for a brand to unravel is much longer than it is for a company without a strong brand.. Despite how important it is to me […]

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Cal continued its resilient play, both on offense and defense. Griswold would once again show her defensive brilliance, blocking three shots from going into the net that would have instantly ended the game. This set the Bears up for an overtime victory in the 77th minute, as Marrazzohit in the game winning shot.. The study […]

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Xerox, known for copying technology failed in computer products. IBM, know for computer technology, failed in copying products. What is happening here? If they had moved into product areas related to their core business they would have taken advantage of credibility persuasion principles relating to product/brand extension.. Is one of nine OECD countries that have […]

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Opponents say the water drops are encouraging immigrants to continue to come across the border illegally. The critics say there ought to be Border Patrol agents stationed near the water stations to arrest those who are crossing illegally as soon as they finish drinking. Some are so furious at the practice of aiding immigrants that […]

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(But thanks to them watching me as if I am the bad guy, and their shity customer service, i maybe shop there once a. Quarter (every 3 months or so, which has improved my shopping problem!) You are welcome for my decoy services lol. I hate that store btwI miss woolsworth, and thriftys lol. You’d […]

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International experts say Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for money laundering. I’m Alice Brennan, and today on Background Briefing we’re delving into why, why are criminals from all over the world looking into mansions in the suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney and thinking to themselves, hmm, that’s where I want to park […]