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Ankle weights offer the most benefits for strength training exercises that use the weights to isolate different muscle groups. For example, the leg lift exercise is intensified by the added resistance as you lie on your back and raise your legs together, providing an demanding core exercise. Sumo squats that involve lifting the legs in […]

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NEWS NEWS NEWS. Ils se sont fait exploser. L’expression revient, dans les journaux, sur les crans, banale dj. I think that’s why it’s so easy to get on to someone who’s playing bad with a character they have diamond and some stars. Sometimes they’ll have a bad game, even with their best god. Maybe they […]

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I’m not going to argue whether this report is accurate or not. The fact that something like this might be accurate should send chills down corporate spines. Monitoring conditions in a foreign factory takes dedication and significant cost and effort. Radiation can cause it maybe, the article says. That would include dental x rays, once […]