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Some puzzles and boss fights can be surprisingly tough compared to those that immediately precede them, leading to frustrating stretches in which you forced to play and replay a challenge a dozen or more times in order to succeed. I got stuck on more than one activity for long, tedious stretches that resulted in me […]

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The league’s latest maneuver is only more of the same pandering, no more or less sincere than the first stadium flyover at Super Bowl II in 1968. The new policy approved by owners last week, which mandates standing for the anthem on the field but permits players to stay in the locker room as “protest,” […]

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Jim Hansen (PS) asked President Muse if he knew the status of the journal cancellations discussed at the August meeting. Muse said he did not, and Provost Parks said he had heard nothing else about it except that the process was still being reviewed. Network. University Drive. Two men armed with guns threatened a teller […]

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Asian art) art, Western art refers to European art and the art of the Americas. But “western” art with the small “w” signifies the paintings and sculptures inspired by Americas Old West. Sagebrush fantasies and rousing roundups notwithstanding, this realm of art also features spacious landscapes, odes to the American Indian and more. “Part of […]