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Up is leaderless, run by volunteers and made up of working groups. One group oversaw the creation of a commission, led by Anita Hill and announced in December, that plans to create a blueprint for ending sexual harassment in show business.Another group, 50/50by2020, is pushing entertainment organizations and companies to agree to reach gender parity […]

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That was so kind of you to remember the survivors, thank you on their behalf. Some of them aren’t doing very well, and it’s good to know that someone outside senses that. The public servants seem to have taken over, and people feel they’ve become numbers in a pretty impersonal system, when ongoing moral support […]

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They don’t fit very well on my Jetspeeds and I stopped wearing them. Now that i’m not wearing them, I’m trying to get out of the way of all shots. It protected me well, but I still had some painful experiences. Moments later, Dawn Brancheau is pulled into the water and killed by the whale […]

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You’ve set your pace, you’ve done the longer runs, it is time to take things easy. Keep on going 3 4 times a week, keep fit and moving. Now is a good time to focus on nutrition. Of the Lehighton Fire Co., “Volunteer of the Year;” Chris Simock of Mahoning Township, “Educator of the Year;” […]

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No disrespect to the Red Sox, I’m a firm believer that Boston mathematically eliminating them is a huge fluke and robs the O’s of truly accomplishing what their capable of. I’ve spent the last few days in pure disbelief and it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve spent the entire regular season watching the […]

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“Why You Can’t Ignore Kanye,” TIME Magazine, August 21, 2005Van Buskirk, Eliot. “MC Hammer Hops onto Dance Craze with DanceJam,” Wired , November 12, 2007Watkins, S. Craig. “I think he will give us a decision this week on our counter proposal. We are coming down to his looking really bad by interfering in the election. […]

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Less common things but not super rare: Priapisms. Almost always because some dude decided he wanted to have a really awesome night and took 3 or 4 viagra. Now he has a boner that won go down and I explaining what a dorsal penile block is to him. I cannot put into words how special […]

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When Dave Carrodine sat down nearly three years ago to develop a marketing plan for Sam Cassell, he didn’t have the easiest of jobs. Cassell was not a lottery pick (he was the 24th player taken in the 1993 NBA draft, by the Houston Rockets). He lacked the name recognition of Chris Webber, the top […]