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But relations between himself and Percival were strained, so he remained silent. Joining the Australians on the beach, were 1000 Chinese of the Dalforce, they’d only completed their training three days later. Now they would receive their baptism of fire in an exposed position against some of the best soldiers in the world.. They could […]

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One of the most heated debates in contemporary feminism tests the validity of corporate feminism. Though this new strain of feminism is worth considering as a symbolic gesture for women, it lacks the practical momentum necessary for inclusivity and material equality. Unfortunately, it breeds more sinister implications. Its Nike Pro Hijab made its store debut […]

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Yes and no. Immense talent who would help any team. Hard to reconcile a lot of the stuff he said/did particularly when you have guys like Russ and PG showing a lot of loyalty. But here’s the problem: it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to the Indian consumer, who can approve of […]

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Certainly, things have changed since the birth control pill first unshackled sex and pregnancy and folks threw sexual caution to the winds. Whenever humans are wounded they heal differently, even if the injuries appear similar. Some need rest, others exercise; some respond better to therapy, while others benefit from something more invasive.. In the days […]

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According to Neil Cole, CEO for the Iconix Brand Group, is a true, authentic football brand with a global loyal consumer fan base and we are thrilled to be adding it to our portfolio of iconic brands. Umbro is an exciting acquisition with more than 30 licensees in over 100 countries with a devout following. […]

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Now how about when for some bizarre reason, the dongle just doesn work. Every once in a while, I plug it in my car and there a 3 5 minute period where it won play anything through the dongle and then will just magically turn on. There was also a solid 2 week period where […]