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Change within the industry is coming slowly. Leaders within agencies pat themselves on the back for baby steps like increasing paid time off for new moms even while female employees make half of what their male colleagues earn. Advertising gets away with these warm and fuzzy gestures in part because it’s not being penalized for […]

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Environ 400membres de divers groupes d’extrme droite, runis sous la bannire “Unite the Right 2” (Rassembler la droite 2) sont en effet attendus Washington. Des contre manifestations organises par plusieurs mouvements anti racistes sont prvues tout au long du week end. Constance Young doit d’ailleurs s’exprimer sur le podium de l’un d’entre eux : “C’est […]

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These are the garment factories of Savar and Gazipur an engine of the nation’s economic growth, both a boon to and the bane of existence for a desperate, disposable workforce of 3.6 million people toiling inside into the night. These plants embody what economists call an international “race to the bottom” in terms of wages, […]

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Said he is advising a number of Canadian directors on the heightened corporate risks associated with the rise in allegations of sexual misconduct and the general focus on relationships with powerful men in the workplace.Such relationships can even be consensual and still cause trouble. For example, Blair Fleming, a long time employee of Royal Bank […]