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“I get the sense there are places where perfectly decent people find such matters so awful and so hard to deal with, personally, that they almost have blinders on,” he went on. Meanwhile, she was receiving death threats for having come forward at all. Ultimately, she decided not to move forward with charges against the […]

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I get some information to you shortly. Thanks for your time. Difference in the second example was that the salesperson took the time to agree with the prospect, and put himself in the prospect shoes. “I think they’re going to take the three he’s got and take a week to think about it,” Barnwell said. […]

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Picking up on this disparity, brands like Dove, Debenham’s and H have made efforts to include diverse body types in their catalogs and ads. Organizations like The Representation Project are working to educate women and girls about media literacy and how to handle the sexualized images of women we see on television, billboards and the […]