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There aren’t any bright colors; the few tie dyes are long faded. But the dead giveaway that an outsider is in the crowd is a logo. It’s an unspoken rule, but not one a Phish Head would break. Trailed by reporters and photographers, Officer Jason Van Dyke walked into the courthouse Tuesday morning. An official […]

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Bakhtin went on to explain that all the oppressive conditions of everyday life and there were plenty in medieval Europe were suspended during the carnival. Revelry replaced terror, laughter replaced gloominess, abundance replaced scarcity, freedom replaced all restrictions. All social inequalities, hierarchical structures, and rules of social distance were set aside as well. She wanted […]

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Mariano’s Hacienda, 2614 Majesty Drive, Arlington, is legendary for one very big reason: Mariano Martinez invented the frozen margarita. Or 5012 White Settlement Road. Authentic Mexican street style tacos. China, normally known for “measured” responses in its trade dealings, fired backWednesday with a gut punch to Trump, saying it intends to put 25 percent tariffs […]

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An existing stress test already requires those with insured mortgages to qualify at the central bank benchmark five year mortgage rule.However, borrowers who renew their uninsured mortgage with their existing lender are not subject to the new stress test, which took effect Jan. 1.In turn, there is less incentive for lenders to offer lower rates […]

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Whitehall Township police released a composite drawing of a man wanted for robbing a Kentucky Fried Chicken earlier this month. The gunman is described as black, in his mid 20s, 5 foot 11, 195 pounds, with a medium build and black hair, wearing a red and purple striped button down shirt, blue jeans, black Nike […]

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Among the smallest vessels in the human body are those in the eyes. Damage to retinal vessels from high blood sugar can cause inflammation, swelling and leaking fluid. Some diabetics also suffer from high blood pressure, which also contributes to progression of the disease. She connected us but the number he provided was the customer […]