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Among the smallest vessels in the human body are those in the eyes. Damage to retinal vessels from high blood sugar can cause inflammation, swelling and leaking fluid. Some diabetics also suffer from high blood pressure, which also contributes to progression of the disease. She connected us but the number he provided was the customer […]

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“What’s interesting is just the history that is there. This is the club that dates back to 1938 and now it’s eleven years into its comeback. There’s the old Tudor clubhouse, the wall of champions and the Sam Snead plaque on that wall. After $1.4 million in microlending money was squandered and the company failed, […]

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While they were there, the team described new plants and animals, noted the geography of new areas and recorded weather patterns. But the working conditions weren’t great. Huge winds ripped through them at hundreds of ks per hour most days and the temperature stayed firmly many, many degrees below zero. During training, the Olympians face […]

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There aren’t any bright colors; the few tie dyes are long faded. But the dead giveaway that an outsider is in the crowd is a logo. It’s an unspoken rule, but not one a Phish Head would break. Trailed by reporters and photographers, Officer Jason Van Dyke walked into the courthouse Tuesday morning. An official […]