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Under Ms. Clark’s leadership as president and CEO of North America, DDB has seen a resurgence in the marketplace. For the first time in three years, DDB North America saw top line revenue growth in the three consecutive quarters ending September 2016. There no reason you would only be able to fire it once. Even […]

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“The time between $500 million and $1 billion is a weird time, a dead zone,” Plank says. He refers to eyewear maker Oakley and sports apparel firm Nautica both were gobbled up by bigger companies, although both brands still exist. “It’s the Bermuda Triangle of apparel companies. The notions of oxidation and open bottles going […]

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“It definitely wasn’t easy,” Williams said. To lift weights for an hour. Then she rushed home and got ready to go to work at the New School in Fayetteville and taught through the afternoon before heading to the track to practice with Arkansas assistant coach Chris Johnson. Bullet Points. Your description of each experience is […]

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The local Arc, a branch of the nationwide nonprofit, serves people with developmental and intellectual disabilities including autism and Down syndrome. Over the years, the operation has become less office based; resource guides and other staff work with clients in the community. They focused on integrating clients into their community and building their ability to […]

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His wife, Karen, works as a dietitian for the school districts scattered throughout central Oregon. She spends her days designing new lunch programs for the cafeterias, sitting down with obese diabetics to ask them about their eating habits, and giving PowerPoint presentations to auditoriums full of bored children, telling them about the food pyramid and […]

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ANSWER: There is no penalty as the ball was not in play. Additionally, the player has not made a stroke. To do so, a player must put a ball into play from the teeing ground. Our Whole Family on the Swim Team?I look forward to our two year old joining swim team. He can’t swim […]

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Lack of understanding doesn equate to bugs. I would much rather have a difficult to understand system that is bug free then a easy to understand system that has bugs. There is no excuse for software to have bugs ever. Fair use rulings in the Righthaven litigation would likely find this wasn’t an infringement, but […]

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Jury president Jeff Goodby said although fewer Lions were awarded this year, the best work was extremely strong. “It was a dark sky, but there were some really bright stars in it,” he said. “We could have given the Grand Prix to any of four ads and people would have been happy.”. You want talented […]