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Other marketers were quick to note they weren’t really Imus supporters. Spokespeople for both Sprint and 1 800 Pet Meds said their companies had bought MSNBC’s daypart that included Imus but not his show specifically. Both asked MSNBC to guarantee their ads would not appear during “Imus in the Morning,” even in reruns, if that […]

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Urban politics have been transformed, too. District attorneys campaigning on reducing imprisonment are winning across the nation, most recently in Philadelphia. Justice reform proved a powerful organizing issue among the young and in communities of color. At such a cheap price, one would expect there to be a lack of visual quality, but that simply […]

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I just call them like I see them. Truth, the Father of Balls might have reason to despise Rodman. The latter recently disparaged LiAngelo Ball basketball skills during a street interview with TMZ Sports.. But do yourself a favor and check out Rednecks, Sail Away, and My Life is Good. Great songs that I’m sure […]

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Watch this space: Chipotle’s sales are starting to rebound, and soon the brand will “put a tagline on our brand that I don’t think a lot of other brands could or would do,” CMO Chris Brandt says. Read more by Ad Age’s Jessica Wohl. (And recall that the brand wants to be a “purpose driven […]

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Mateo. 7:7 hace una promesa: “Pedid, y se os dar; buscad, y hallaris; llamad, y se os abrir”, pero hay personas que no buscan, y aceptan sumisamente como verdades absolutas e infalibles, a palabras ajenas preadas de dogmatismo supersticioso. Para estas personas indolentes, el apocalipsis 3:16 dice: “Mas porque eres tibio, y no fro ni […]

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1 point submitted 3 months agoI going to guess you never got to level 10 and tried ranked, or tried salmon run, because the only remotely repetitive game mode is turf war. The tick rate honestly isn that bad, trades aren the end of the world (or overwhelmingly common). The leveling system unlocks new weapons […]

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In spite of the aggressive stance of the display materials, the store was buzzing when we visited, and there were only a few customers whose shoulder/waist measurement ratio seemed to approach that of the mannequins. In the mall that is Broadway just below Houston Street, there is, apparently, something for everyone. We didn find much […]

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Other products will sell you herbal extracts. There are amazing herbs that can do amazing thing things. But the extraction process to get an extract into a beauty product can be quite toxic. I neglected to pay attention to was how much upper body strength training was advised. I have always been more concerned with […]

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The GSR was developed by the NCAA as part of its academic reform initiative to more accurately assess the academic success of student athletes. The GSR holds institutions accountable for transfer students, unlike the federal graduation rate. The GSR also accounts for midyear enrollees.. Product placement. Men’s basketball team to the gold medal at the […]