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National Black Chamber of Commerce: From 2002 through last year, the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) received $1.1 million from ExxonMobil, and the organization’s president, Harry C. Alford, is unapologetic about taking fossil fuel industry money. “Of course we do and it is only natural,” Alford states on the NBCC website. In general, Tour […]

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Sorry, running a restaurant does not entitle you to the community’s business. You make your money off the community at the community’s pleasure. If you displease the community, why should they give you their money? The customer is always right, and the customer will go where he or she pleases. Snyder The Morning CallNancy Christof […]

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Phillip Minus quarreled with a local resident named James Stark. Afterwards bad blood erupted between the two. Later, Minus shot Stark squarely in the chest as he descended the stairs. As Jeep brand bicycles go, this particular model is pretty nice and available at a good price, especially considering it’s a 29’er. A 29’er bicycle […]

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A successful brand is really about a client centric approach tied closely to the firm’s business strategy. Even in its simplest form, brands offer tangible benefits to the vast majority of service firms. So, think strategically, roll up your sleeves, and you can expect the following out of a well developed and implemented brand:. It […]