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Speaking of loyalty I would say the Raptors have been pretty loyal to DeMar. He got handed the keys to the franchise after Bosh left despite not really having the pedigree, he was just a top 10 pick with crazy athleticism and not much else. The Raptors turned him in to an all star by […]

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For the first time in recent history, trust and transparency are more important to corporate reputation in the United States than the quality of products and services, according to the 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual survey on trust and credibility conducted by PR giant Edelman. Plunging 20 percent in 2009 rise is tenuous, the […]

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Enjoyed polo, said Williams, who attended the Royal couples marriage in May. Was really fun. It an intense sport. Country is probably the first form of running I fell in love with, said the 28 year old University of North Carolina graduate. Just excited to mix it up. I been craving and missing cross country […]

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However, it is clear that Nike’s segmentation strategy must have yet more layers if it wishes to effectively position product strategy within each local market. Nike Digital Sport must be keeping its door closely guarded for some reason[ix], well beyond what is shared in their investor memos. A deeper understanding of the needs of their […]

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Today, the Vancouver Canucks are considered one of the premiere franchises in the NHL, and have established themselves as a first class organization which any player would be proud to play for. Their history as a roughneck team doesn’t hurt them one bit, as the fighting culture is still strong in hockey, so strong that […]

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Mr. Tchakarian fled from Paris to Bordeaux and continued the fight with the resistance. The German Luftwaffe had taken control of Bordeaux Mrignac airport and was using it as a base for maritime reconnaissance and attacks against allied shipping in the Atlantic. Initial attempts to restore it proved themselves to be quite damaging over time. […]

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‘In this case, we don’t believe there is anything to indicate any level of suspicion at this time.’Brown added that the foot appeared to have ‘disarticulated’ naturally after a period of being submerged in the water. Many of the shoes have been connected to suicides or accidents. Above, stock footage of a police map showing […]

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Wine is likely not top of mind when one considers Pender Island picturesque beaches, rolling hills, and secret swimming holes are all more likely candidates. However, in a few short years Sea Star Vineyards has established itself as a top notch producer capable of showcasing unique coastal influenced wines (and actually, the original estate vineyard […]