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Why he here: The argument could be made that Taft actually waited too long to enter the draft. The athletic 6 11 big man was seen as a potential top five pick after his freshman season, but a sophomore season of inconsistency and whispers about work ethic issues dropped his stock. Though a strong junior […]

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I started my running just about a year ago. My first was race was the 12km Energizer Night Trail 2011with two of my friends. I signed up just for fun! From that day onwards, I startedto go for more and more runs and races. If you choose this headline, put it in quotes so it’s […]

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The stats you mention are very black n white asthey describe voting demographics only and there is no indication of culture or racial demographics or other socio economic factors (there are as many god fearing red necks as there are white collars). So Rauch is saying democrats are better at relationships than republicans. Maybe they […]

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That score seemed to awaken something in the Tar Heels. Without a quarterback able to spread the field by throwing the ball over, they went to outside runs on quarterback keepers, counter handoffs and options. The plan got results right away a 45 yard gain from freshman running back Michael Carter put UNC in the […]

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Whitehall’s Bigfoot on televisionThe History Channel, a cable TV channel, profiled the alleged sightings of Bigfoot in Whitehall, NY. The show was called MonsterQuest and the episode “the Monster of Whitehall” aired on August 20, 2008. The MonsterQuest team, along with members of the NESRA (Northeast Sasquatch Researchers Association) traveled to Whitehall to look into […]

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The military has gone to great lengths in Harford County to promote its cleanup. It set up an office in Edgewood’s Woodbridge Station shopping center, between a fast food restaurant and a hair salon. Officials have met with community groups, staffed booths at fairs and at malls, conducted expos at schools and briefed real estate […]