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Sports brand Brooks also sought a waiver, “but we weren’t prepared to share the level of detail USOC asked from us in order for us to get one,” according to the company. Nuun, which sells electrolyte enhanced drink tablets and has six Rio bound athletes on its roster, didn’t even try. “There’s a plethora of […]

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A rising redshirt sophomore wideout, has never caught a pass in college. And both Miller and Houston were true freshmen a season ago, so neither one of them has played a college snap either. Both of them could, however, play an important role in the upcoming season by bolstering Florida depth at linebacker a position […]

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To help customers support companies that partake in fair trade practices, the Canadian Fair Trade Network offers customers an extensive shopping guide. It lists Canadian companies that partake in fair trade practices and also enables shoppers to search by product to find manufacturers they can trust. To urge companies to improve wages for factory workers […]

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Niger is the country with the world’s highest fertility rate 7.6 children per mother, according to World Bank data. But the number of children per African woman in many African countries is lower and is generally declining. The data in 2015 shows 3.5 in Namibia, 5.6 in Nigeria and 4.3 in Kenya (down from 7.9 […]

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Section 8 housing is a federal program administered by the states. It provides rental assistance to low income families in the way of rental vouchers. According to Federal Money Retriever, the program helps low income families and individuals find safe, quality housing. Citizen watches come in an amazing array of styles and designs, from the […]

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The time allotted for the panel simply was not enough. These men were filled with stories, and each could have covered the hour with reminisces from their remarkable lives Maverick might have overdone it a bit with repeated references to his defense of librarians during the early Fifties, but foes of McCarthyism should be granted […]