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The Kitchen Stories app uses 3D Touch to add quick shortcuts to recipes and shopping lists. Pressing down on the app icon launches a Quick Actions menu where you can choose to view the recipe of the day, open the last recipe you viewed, look at your shopping list, or create a recipe. These are […]

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From there they?$ill fjjr; to Singapore, where they will take a company boat to Sumatra, for a two year stay. He works for Cal Tex Pacific Oil Co. T ft FIRE RECORD GOOD Fulltime Fireman Lloyd Gore reports that in the first seven months of the year one building fire causing an estimated $290 damage […]

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Today, Monsanto ranks as the third from bottom in a Nielson study on company reputation only being able to surpass BP and Bank of America. While the government passes bill after bill allowing Monsanto to flood the food supply with GMOs (genetically modified organism) filled products and continue contributing in large part to the extirmination […]

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Music is many things to many people: art, inspiration, expression. For athletes and exercisers, good tunes can also be an important motivation tool. Whether it’s the skull rattling, heavy Metallica stuff that gets you going or the dulcet, yacht rock offerings of bands like Hall Oates, a good soundtrack can extend and enhance a workout. […]