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However, the inspector general was troubled by the FBI month long delay in obtaining a search warrant to review emails possibly related to the investigation on former Rep. Anthony Weiner laptop in the fall of 2016. The report specifically calls out Strzok decision to the Russia investigation over following up on the laptop issue, leading […]

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Now, when I use that word, what comes to mind? For many people, that means, you know, wife, husband, kids, picket fence, lets not forget the dog. But what if family means a same sex partner, and a husband, an incarcerated spouse? What if it means a sperm donor who is also a best friend […]

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I spoke to Andrew Nosnitsky, who was one of the first people to write about Odd Future (in the British magazine The Wire early last year), about the ways the attention the group is enjoying and the criticism its members probably aren’t might say more about the people talking about them than it does about […]

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The notions of oxidation and open bottles going “bad” are complete shit. It a good way to sell more whiskey, sell gases to pump in your bottles, sell tiny bottles, and even glass marbles to people. Will the whiskey change? Perhaps. Speakers are judged on their ability to interpret the text, not the previous speaker […]

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Anyone who knew him, he told reporter Louie Robinson, would immediately recognize that he could never have uttered those words. Amid testimonials from black people who did know him, he described his attendance as a teenager at the church of celebrated black gospel composer, the Rev. W. And since that survey more women and men […]

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The Kitchen Stories app uses 3D Touch to add quick shortcuts to recipes and shopping lists. Pressing down on the app icon launches a Quick Actions menu where you can choose to view the recipe of the day, open the last recipe you viewed, look at your shopping list, or create a recipe. These are […]