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Van Praag doesn’t particularly want Ground Truth to continue conducting surveys like this in the long run. Instead, he hopes the initiative’s example will spur aid groups to incorporate this kind of continuous surveying into their own work. Ground Truth would then transform into an advisory group, developing best practices and disseminating them. Now, the […]

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IMAGE was the first spacecraft designed to the invisible, as they put it back then. Prior to IMAGE, spacecraft examined Earth magnetosphere by detecting particles and fields they encountered as they passed through them. But this method had limited success. It’s a fair question. Almost seven years ago, in February 2004, when Zuckerberg was a […]

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I truly believe there something going on behind the curtains that we don know about yet. The only people from Marvel that have spoken something publicly are Bautista and Sean Gunn. Remember that Disney fired James, it wasn Marvel. It’s about relationship building with other like minded business people in your community and abroad. Connecting […]

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I’ve run into two sites lately, both who are warning of dangers while trying to increase sales. They take very different tacks in doing so. The comparison gets a little challenging, since one comes from a social welfare state and the other comes from an independent profit driven company. While it might have been implemented […]

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“The crowd went nuts,” Kyle said. “When she was running down the back stretch, the announcer said she was a high school sophomore. That was a pretty special moment.” ‘This is it’ Laura graduates next Sunday. Alice Cooper Halo of Flies Se tenir debout quoi qu’il arrive Un murmure des temps anciens et du futur […]

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This week in the news there was a lot of talk about asylum seekers and immigration detention centres. You’re probably used to that. It’s a big political issue that always causes a lot of debate. Zeu’s wife Hera got wind of his latest liaison and threatened to curse any land that offered sanctuary to Leto, […]

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When the call to manage Brazil finally came, Tite was ready. Since then, he has taught Brazil how to win again. So much so that many Brazilians would prefer he took over the country’s government from widely despised President Michel Temer in polls, 15 percent of Brazilians said they would vote for him, though he […]

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But there is no national securities regulator, the plan having morphed into a co operative federal provincial model with just five provinces participating, and still more than a year away from becoming operational.That didn stop Wetston from seeing the big picture.As the 68 year old steps down Saturday as chair of the Ontario Securities Commission, […]