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Gon’s determination and courage are fired up more than ever though. And so, Gon will pursue his dream no matter what it takes. The Seven Deadly Sins) easily managed to pull a swift victory over the others and claim the 7th position on this list. Celebrities like and Halle Berry have tried keto, a low […]

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Their clients and fans keep expressing amazement and gratitude that such a people friendly outpost is alive and thriving here. Meanwhile, the sisters have sized up the other vintage properties on their block and tried manifesting still more of their ideal: a whole Wattle Tree campus, featuring not just expanded spiritual and therapeutic opportunities but […]

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In February, 2010, DMCA claimed Google deleted a bunch of blogs from their Blogger service even though many of the bloggers didn’t do anything. Some of them had deals with record labels and bands. Many of the stricken bloggers received no warning whatsoever, which is in direct violation of Google’s own policy.. A person can […]

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Mr. KELLY: Well, I would just say that companies continue to work very hard to provide good benefits to their employees. We’re concerned, frankly, about a precedent in the other direction where states might start to think this is a good idea. Kota’s tail, head, eyes, horns and mouth are animated, and he comes with […]

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Van Praag doesn’t particularly want Ground Truth to continue conducting surveys like this in the long run. Instead, he hopes the initiative’s example will spur aid groups to incorporate this kind of continuous surveying into their own work. Ground Truth would then transform into an advisory group, developing best practices and disseminating them. Now, the […]

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IMAGE was the first spacecraft designed to the invisible, as they put it back then. Prior to IMAGE, spacecraft examined Earth magnetosphere by detecting particles and fields they encountered as they passed through them. But this method had limited success. It’s a fair question. Almost seven years ago, in February 2004, when Zuckerberg was a […]