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So it’s sort of a double whammy, particularly for blacks in the auto industry. And Ford is not the only automaker that’s going through this, US automaker. If you look at all of the automakers in the United States, the ones that are doing exceptionally well are, continue to be the Japanese automakers because they’re […]

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I raced against Michigan in 8s and 4s. Generally we lost in the 8s, while the 4s were drastically closer, almost a 50/50 split on who won between our top 4 and Michigan That being said, Michigan top 4 guys are probably averaging 6:10. So I don know what other smaller programs could put out […]

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As the federal Liberals forge ahead with expensive tax and spend policies to tackle climate change, more and more Canadians aren buying into their agenda. In June, Ontarians finally disposed of their left wing tax friendly government in favour of one that will fight Justin Trudeau carbon tax. Albertans are likely to do the same […]

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The IOE focus on health is quite interesting and I consider very important. Healthcare providers and insurers know that keeping you healthy and out of the hospital is much cheaper and better than taking care of the costs for you if you get sick and especially if you admitted to a hospital. So they are […]

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Maryland’s Democratic senators Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes announced Jan. 9 that the Labor Department committed $671,925 for the retraining of about 295 employees who would be leaving the society’s former offices on Darnestown Road by August.Two Gaithersburg teenagers were hospitalized after a drinking party at a friend’s house Jan. 30, with one of the […]

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We use this system to address two key hypotheses in the epidemiology of avian haemoparasites: first, that nestlings in open nests have a higher prevalence of infection; and second, that nestlings sampled at 14 days old have a higher apparent infection rate than those sampled at 7 days old. Open nesting individuals had a 54% […]