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It pretty easy to gauge the construction of Barneys upcoming Chelsea store because they leave the plywood doors open all the time allowing a view inside. For a while, The Shophound has been skeptical that the store could be finished by the “Early Spring” projected date posted on the building, but after peeking in yesterday, […]

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On October 14, 2015, Nike announced a revenue target of $50 billion by the end of fiscal year 2020. More specifically, Nike expects its Women’s segment to reach $11 billion by 2020 and expects its Direct to Consumer operations to achieve $16 billion in revenue by 2020. A sustained interest in healthy living has fueled […]

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When laning phase, emphasize Nikes clear as both clearring mobs but getting the enemy ADC because her third strike is the disarm. Also practice her jump without her two active, its kinda tricky but its amazing for jumping enemies and putting them into a lengthy knockup. Utilize her offense to clear camps in the jungle […]

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The men had a plan for the day they prayed for when rescuers made contact but it promptly disintegrated when the moment arrived.”Everyone wanted to hug the hammer [on the probe],” said Luis Urzua, the shift manager credited with organizing the men.Some miners, he said, suggested sending requests for potatoes. Others wanted to send greetings […]

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Guns on the brain: People may be peeved about stagnant wages, rising seas and college debt. But nothing is more on the mind of Americans than guns. With calls for more regulation, gun sales are off the charts. Daemen rows both sculls and crew in sculls the oarsmen have one oar in each hand; in […]

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Item Type:Book SectionItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis chapter focuses on an intricately decorated filigree casket currently on display in the Addis Gallery of Islamic Art at the British Museum. Inside the casket are six small bottles, a ladle and a funnel that bears a minute Persian inscription on the rim. Two documents written by one time owners […]

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“Shame! Shame!” its members cried and insisted on gold and ivory. “They didn’t want to save their money,” Lapatin said. “They wanted to show it off.”It was during the reign of the Bourbons and the Bonapartes in France that luxury as we know it today was born. Finally, we will be traveling to South Africa […]