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EDIT/UPDATE: Wow guys, I haven been on here since I posted this story and definitely didn think you all be holding your breath for updates, or that my little work story would take off so much. So for an update, it pretty anticlimactic. HR and Golden Boss agreed that Greg was technically right, although his […]

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Jackson cites Lao Tzu, Stephen Covey, the Lakota Indians, Buddhism and many other sources. The New York Times criticized the two for creating an unwieldy conglomeration from such diverse sources (including “Tribal Leadership”). I would counter that leadership does emerge from a search for the “one way,” but that great leaders never stop there. There […]

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Apple Pay may have reached market first with the iPhone 6, but Samsung version appears to have one distinct advantage. In addition to near field communication (NFC) connectivity, Samsung new devices employ a technology called Secure Transmission, which allows its mobile payment system to be used on standard credit card machines. Apple Pay only uses […]

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In Katie’s first year at Madison as a sophomore, she averaged roughly 20 points per game but hit only seven threes before tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee at the tail end of the season. While recovering from the injury, she spent months perfecting her jump shot which was modeled after NBA […]

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When the Proform finally gave out we immediately started shopping for the next treadmill in our price range. There is a lot to choose from and the pricing is competitive online or in stores. Because of their customer service and return policy, I decided to narrow our search to buying online from Costco. It still […]