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This can be explained in two ways being similar to successful people reinforces your identity: who you must be in order to be successful at work is compatible with who you are at home: thus your home and work identities are balanced. Second, being similar to successful individuals facilitates greater expectations that you too can […]

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It sometimes needs a short, sharp shock to make you wake up and do something about it. Thank God I listened. I’ve been given a second chance I’m not throwing it away.”I feel great and alive for the first time in years.”What is an avoidable death?Deaths in people under 75 from heart disease, some cancers, […]

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Don’t let the term scare you. Pronation is completely normal and actually a good thing. It occurs in order to absorb some of the impact from landing on that limb. NIKE is considered as one of the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparels and a major manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenues in […]

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1984 1990: I called this period the Tyvek Years I had numerous transcendent experiences conducting high profile federal and state led hazardous waste site investigations and emergency cleanups. It was sometimes very nasty work. The experiences left me wondering how to prevent future al calamities like the ones I was helping to clean up. These […]

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A glance at the windows pictured above us that the store will open its doors in about a month on October 26th, and if it looks like it will be pretty big with the entirety of the first two floors of the new building, consider that with the lower level as well, the store will […]

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Let them interact. Connect your customers to their peers other people like themselves who deal with similar issues. Bring them together through live events, inIf you want to empower, engage, or motivate others, don just focus on increasing your positive behaviors. “There’s no added pressure,” he said. “It doesn’t really change the operations or the […]

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The two companies battled up the Deschutes River canyon, constructing tracks on either side of the river. The first to reach the newly created town of Bend would have control over what was regarded as the largest remaining portion of the United States not served by a railroad. Eventually Hill would win the fight and […]

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There are many great ones written by people living in the trenches of real estate worth checking out and learning from. Be sure to check out the BiggerPockets Blog, which features dozens of expert contributors sharing their best tips and advice, as well as the BiggerPockets member blogs (TK) for great examples of real estate […]

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And flying or driving is more convenient and typically cheaper. Should the government be subsidizing a less convenient form of transportation? I don know how things work in Europe, but if I want to go somewhere that outside the range of my car then I just fly there. It actually cheaper to fly to Los […]

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In fact endocrinologists deny there’s such a thing as a male menopause. Just middle aged depressionwhich has virtually the same symptoms. The fact remains testosterone implants do seem to lift many men out of the dumps. “It stunningly under discussed as the media celebrates his legacy. Kobe bought justice by cutting a check to his […]