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Eli Reich, founder of , had his bag stolen, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise: Instead of buying a new one, he just created one himself. Being a cyclist, he had a collection of old bike tubes lying around, and decided to take to a sewing machine and repurpose them as […]

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“As far as his trajectory, and what he can do, nobody knows that,” he added. “We can’t control it, no one can control that kind of thing. Nothing is promised, nothing is given. Still, organized sports alone are not the answer. In the study, about 40% of teens who didn’t play sports were overweight or […]

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I talking about the GHD in general. Leo Pando released a great video about why he got rid of his. I bought mine soon before he he released that video, and sadly to say, I mirror his sentiments. Contrast the regretful sighs enveloping Weezy’s current efforts to the deafening roar that greeted Jay Z and […]

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On long energetic legs he goes downstairs to an adjoining warehouse space full of vintage adventure gear: 1920s Mexican military uniforms, 1940s French combat trousers from Indochina, old archery equipment, swords, bags and snowshoes. Using this stuff to inspire new designs. I designing a tent right now. Personally, I also prefer having a metal grill […]

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C’est peu dire qu’une telle arme, intelligente et autonome, inquite. Depuis 2012, elle est rgulirement dnonce par une coalition de 51 organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) coordonne par Human Rights Watch, dans le cadre de la campagne internationale Stop Killer Robots ( Arrtez les robots tueurs ). Le mouvement de protestation a t relanc grand bruit, […]

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“Before the RFRA debacle, most Hoosiers probably didn’t realize you could be fired or turned away from public accommodation for being gay or transgender. Now they not only realize it, but they want it changed,” she added. “That support lays the groundwork for our campaign moving forward this year and into the 2016 legislative session.”. […]

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Charles Schwab comprises two of the mushiest syllables you’ll every hear with those soft retreating L’s and B’s and Schs. It was time to add some sticky consonants and a pair of K’s does the trick: Nike, Coke, Starbucks, Kinko’s. Never underestimate the palate exploding power of K centric marketing.. They did the same thing. […]

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Perhaps the foremost essential tip is to raise the acceptable inquiries after you area unit buying the tool. Raise if you’ll be able to obtain replacement components at the situation you’re shopping for from. Do they entertain wants for tool repair? Ought to the solution be no, you’d do higher if you look elsewhere. It […]

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Most of us are what they call “shallow breathers”. We take small breathes in and out and therefore, sound tired when we answer the phone. The goal is to sound like you like your job and you are glad they called.Practice taking a very big breath and answering the phone at the top of that […]

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I love a setting that could speed some of the aspects of the game up. Like automatically dismissing the walking up stairs text. I get that Shawn doesn like stairs but it kind of breaks up the flow of traveling around the castle. The central focus being the flat, wide, open horizon line that divides […]