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Lightyear Wireless: offers a quality national plan, good customer service with an 800 line and unlimited talk, text and internet (with no data caps or slow downs) with no contract for $59.99 per month. Lightyear offers a number of phones, some as inexpensive as $50 $100. TerraTrike Rover 3: An affordable, easy to ride adult […]

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As governments are increasingly questioning the legitimacy of this system, the law firms and corporate beneficiaries of the regime are trying defend it, including by rigging international intergovernmental meetings like the one I recently managed to attend despite being banned. Of the ISDS regime are on the defensive for good reason. The Trans Pacific Partnership […]

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Il suffit de voir des chiots en train de jouer, crit Charles Darwin en aot 1838 dans ses carnets, pour ne pas douter qu’ils possdent le libre arbitre, comme c’est aussi le cas pour tous les animaux, l’hutre comme le polype . Cette clbre tirade n’est pas qu’une provocation . Barbie already coordinates many events. […]

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Despite the progress that’s been made, independent watchdogs like the WRC have never been comfortable with the system of monitoring adopted by Nike and other brands. Retailers devise their own voluntary monitoring plans that critics say leave them without much skin in the game. And though they subject themselves to audits, those audits are often […]

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The Canadian economy approaching capacity limits, future fiscal savings will likely be harder to come by, and the federal government will have fewer opportunities to rein in persistent deficits. Spending measures themselves were largely lauded as worthwhile, though tended to include things that, at best, drive growth slowly. About $7.2 billion in infrastructure spending once […]