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Tobacco companies are using their pricing strategy to win in two ways because when taxes increase each year they do two things. On their more expensive brands they add their own price increase on top of the tax increase. On their very cheapest brands (known as “ultra low price” brands), they absorb the tax increase […]

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Can be super close to each other because the black hole’s gravity is so strong! If planets are little toy Hot wheels cars, most planetary systems are laid out like normal highways (side note: I love Hot wheels). Each car stays in its own lane, but the cars are much much smaller than the distance […]

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Now that you have some ideas on who to write to, buy some stamps, envelopes, some nice paper, or even just notebook paper, and start writing a letter to bless someone’s life. You will probably find that the act will bless your life as well. In fact, sometimes I have written a letter to someone, […]

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“At home treatment forhyperhidrosis (excess sweating) can include anti perspirants that contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate, a chemical found in underarm antiperspirant spray and some over the counter preparations that are specifically marketed to inhibit excessive sweating,” says Dr. Kosinski. Brands like Klima and SweatBlocksell products made for feet. Au final, le modle se rvle fortement […]

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That not a bad haul for a summer job, though it not quite as lucrative as the opportunity once seemed. The first reports announcing the JBA suggested players might make up to $10,000 per month, depending on ranking. But without any nationally ranked prospects on the league rosters, save for Melo, that pay scale appeared […]

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“Every NBA player is trying to find a way to impact, whether it’s the city they play in or where they’re from, communities at large, at risk youth, whatever the case is. “I think it’s important to understand that LeBron’s was a huge gesture and a huge accomplishment in terms of opening up a public […]

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Dans le cadre de la prparation de la confrence “Brand culture Luxe” de lundi prochain, nous vous invitons lire les citations de Patrick Mathieu issues du livre Brand Culture. Vous y trouverez des lments sur la singularit, domaine sur lequel travaille Patrick au sein de son entreprise. Il insiste beaucoup sur le rle du fondateur, […]