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Maybe one of the other tight ends is about to emerge as a great combination, capable of doing both like Witten could. Maybe there are tight ends who are capable of showing what Gathers did last preseason with his phenomenal performance. Hearing that he hardly getting any snaps in practices because he not a good […]

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Suspension straps or sometime called exercise straps are a great way to increase the resistance of body weight training. They are handles attached to straps that, when suspended from above, introduce 2 dimensional instability into the exercise. So, instead of your hands firmly on the ground for a traditional pushup, a suspension strap pushup allows […]

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So in the vernacular sense, Filipinos are not “Asian”, they Polynesian based on linguistical and genetic data. Polynesians are technically Asian, but not the kind of Asian that we think about though. Asia is a large continent with many ethnic and racial groups such as Caucasian Iranids, Semites, and Hamites living in Asia. This will […]

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2. Martina Navratilova, Wimbledon (9 titles, 23 appearances, 120 14 record)Before Nadal came along, Martina Navratilova held the record for most wins in a single Grand Slam (during the Open era) with her nine titles at Wimbledon. Almost as impressive as the hardware was her consistency on the grass. Evolving technology will eventually make those […]