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In fact, it clear the government did not deviate from its previously announced plan to bring the small business tax rate down to nine per cent by 2019. And there are no changes to personal tax rates or the capital gains inclusion rate.After proposing sweeping changes to the taxation of private corporations in 2017, cooler […]

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There are no trees, flowering bushes, or attractive vegetation of any kind. The area has a conspicuous absence of the lush green vegetation that Florida is known for. It looks barren and depressing. En 1814, lors de la Restauration, le tricolore est abandonn. Le blanc, considr comme royal depuis Henri IV (et son fameux panache), […]

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Some observers have dismissed Intel’s efforts. They point out that Krzanich and his team have been motivated, at least in part, by a 2010 law that requires companies to publicly disclose whether their products contain conflict minerals. Law doesn’t restrict any sort of trade,” the web magazine Engadget remarked when the measure first came out. […]

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With the above examples, a lot of people may be tempted to take into account losing their jobs to AI powered tools since the majority of tasks at work are getting automated gradually, but their fears are unfounded as human input is indispensable regardless of the existence of artificial intelligence. Let me demonstrate the various […]

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The failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has raised serious questions about the Bush administration’s doctrine of pre emption. Critics say the United States will have to overcome a major credibility gap, if it is ever to use pre emptive strikes in the future. NPR’s Michele Kelemen reports. Controlled laboratory studies are […]