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Over the past decade, share leader Nike and Reebok have never been separated by more than two points. But price increases likely eroded consumer satisfaction across the entire industry last year, Mr. Fornell said, improving customers’ perception of Reebok’s value for the money compared to the competition. Set Yourself ApartDon’t be afraid to set yourself […]

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As for the smiley face, that’s a reference to the comedian and social commentator George Carlin, who explained on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” that “when fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack boots. It will be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. […]

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I would say is there is literally zero percent lab space available in the greater Portland region, said Executive Director Jennifer Fox. Know because we have companies that need to graduate and we don have space for them to go. Manufacturer AbSci was one such graduate of the program. We wanted a sturdy multilayer cake […]

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Seattle police said yesterday that their primary goal was to protect the trade delegates and allow them to enter the meeting. When the violence began, they did not have enough officers on hand to go into the unruly crowds, said Seattle police Chief Norm Stamper. Yesterday, police made more than 250 arrests of mostly nonviolent […]

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2002 was a great year for hip hop. Missy Elliot mixed a bit of old school with some of the new in Work It and Gossip Folks. Sean Paul brought reggae to the hip hop mainstream while Justin Timberlake’s crossover from the bubbly pop scene gained him rave reviews. That little green Timex Army watch […]

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I ask them not to [give me the antipsychotic drugs]. When I say that, they threaten to remove me from the home. They get me so I can’t think. That most of us are flirting with forty, reality doesn bite nearly as much it seemed when we were younger.Who are the Gen X ers?were born […]

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BlackBerry Ltd. Got a lot of attention last Wednesday after it announced a new partnership that will see the Canadian technology firm QNX software used as the operating system for Delphi Automotive Plc self driving technology. But much of the share price gains were lost by the end of the week, as investors remain concerned […]

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“It just felt it was important on my behalf,” Jackson said. “It was something I felt from the heart, and I just want to shed light to the families, to the victims out there. There’s lost loved ones, and it’s not anti police. Larry would be 67 and drawing $9,527 CPP or less if he […]