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The Romaleo are as clunky as they look. I compare them to having a chunk of 2×4 strapped to the bottom of your feet. That doesn matter though because all you should be doing in them is snatch, clean jerks, and squats. ” and surely even an iron box couldn’t have survived them all. “Personally, […]

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Then came the Internet. People started buying more clothes online, trying them on at home, realizing that nothing fit, and sending them back. And retailers got stuck with the bills for two way shipping, inspection and repair. Features over a dozen presentations and panel discussions on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including Hype or Hope? with Ethereum […]

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An eclectic artist, he plays bluegrass, blues, folk, jazz, country, western, and rock and roll equally well. He is known for his quirky, humorous lyrics, and the ability to play rhythm and lead guitar at the same time. MoreThe Robert Cray Band. The car began sounding odd later on in the day. I had expected […]

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Kodjoe is a very good tennis player with real ability; he was playing for Sophie’s Voice Foundation. Bob and Mike Bryan, who are the most celebrated doubles team in professional tennis history played with Hamm and Kodjoe. Hamm downplayed his tennis skills before the exhibition, but he played well enough to not embarrass himself. Jones […]

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PoliticalWith the growing economic strength of the thirteen colonies and the oppressive government policies towards its colonies, there was a growing thirst for political liberation from the control of the empire towards self governance and independence. Because there were no formally trained armies to defend them, the colonies relied on their individual capabilities to defend […]

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Satch Sanders: Auerbach was Auerbach. Once, we were in Philadelphia and we had to get to Boston during a snowstorm, an incredible snowstorm. We had to get there to play against Syracuse. The Coral Springs sophomore competed in spring drills in May but returned from summer vacation only to find he had outgrown his size […]

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Weick (1991) argues that the defining property of learning is the combination of same stimulus and different responses, however it is rare in organizations meaning either organizations don’t learn or that organizations learn but in nontraditional ways. He further notes: “Perhaps organizations are not built to learn. Instead, they are patterns of means ends relations […]

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For laborers in the developing world, what we call sweatshop jobs may actually be the best of a series of bad employment options available to them, and/or the only or best option for supporting themselves and lifting their families out of poverty. Even minimal wages can dramatically improve the way people live. New York Times […]

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That the whole point gender identity is a biological trait, much like sexual orientation. Being born with certain anatomy between your legs does not guarantee your gender identity, or who you will find attractive.Edit: position statement from the Endocrine Society:The medical consensus in the late 20th century was that transgender and gender incongruent individuals suffered […]