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In case you’re wondering, fellow Team USA member Russell Westbrook did not join his Thunder teammates because the appearance was orchestrated by Rob Pelinka, who represents Durant and Harden, while Westbrook is represented by Arn Tellem. Keep being a mindless sheep who lets others control his thoughts and influences his actions. Just go away.. He […]

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So I went out on a mission to find the ultimate source for woodworking projects. I wanted something that had enough content to keep me busy for a lifetime, yet I wanted the information to be organized in such a way that if I feel like doing something in particular I could just easily go […]

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Lightning bolts bombarded th.,41. 7M E Elm St was cauSht East Side throughout the deluge, in a wash parallel to Wilson ave but no reports were received of nue and floated upright for some buildings or trees being struck. Six blocks before lodging on a Widespread damage from the culvert. Like any other basketball we […]