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Then there the garden, which is not only huge given the four acre property and the forested canyon it overlooks, but also the Japanese garden that Wood and his family have slowly uncovered. “We found so much buried. I never would have imagined that hillside was a strolling garden,” Wood said. However, his finishing around […]

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How to Use Curcumin as Anti oxidantTurmeric has an ingredient called curcumin which is proven effective to fight free radicals and prevent them from growing. If compared to other antioxidants, turmeric curcumin is stronger and more effective aside from its multipurpose effects in our body. According also to studies, turmeric curcumin is 10 times more […]

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Insistence that Taiwan and Tibet aren’t quite part of the motherland. Then there are the kids who return from studying in the States and report that the Hollywood version of America is but a dream. The returnees feel slighted because their American counterparts know little about China and, even worse, don’t seem to care. There […]