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“Meanwhile, in the [‘Rights of Passage’ program] it was: Africa did this, Africa did that, and the white man caused this,” he says. “And those [viewpoints] either cancel each other out or they drive the bearer of both ideas insane. I didn’t go insane. All in a tidy two hours and 40 minutes. Excellent stuff. […]

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In particular, culture and diversity were a point of debate and celebration uptown, where Harlem’s Fashion Row an organization that highlights minority designers marked Black History Month with a dinner and public conversation featuring Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day. Day is the guerrilla fashion artist who, in the 1980s, turned trademarked Gucci and Louis Vuitton logos […]

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To wanie na Podlasiu zachoway si ostatnie ywe reliktysowianskiego szamanizmu w postaci uzdrawiajcej, integrujcej ludzkie biopole, sztuki szeptarskiej.Prof. Maria Szyszkowska od dawna zafascynowana jest podlaskimi szeptuchami: wschodzie Polski, na Lubelszczynie, a zwaszcza w okolicach Biaegostoku skutecznie zwalczaj rozmaite choroby tak zwane szeptuchy. S to osoby ( zajmujce si uzdrawianiem, z reguy przyjmujce, e maj ten […]

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I couldn’t sell her knowing that someone could get hurt. I don’t sell her, I’ll keep her and ride or use her for a brood mare. My ideal goal is to breed one quality foal per year and sell them as a yearling. A small square gold patch on the back center collar of each […]

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The Russians were involved. Yes, there a lot of organic support for Trump, said Andrew Weisburd, an Illinois online researcher who has written frequently about Russian influence on social media. To disaggregate the two was difficult, to put it mildly. They should make sure that conflicts and issues are addressed professionally and efficiently. The top […]

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With his win over Mr. Alvarez, Mr. Mayweather has completed the second fight of a 30 month, 6 fight deal with Showtime/CBS. Something strange is happening in the world of fixed incomeHere are five hair raising stock crashes and what went wrongStability seems the safer bet following a year that saw hot stocks and markets […]

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Snickers 2010 ad spot featuring an 88 year old Betty White laid the framework for the candy brand now familiar not you when you hungry campaign, while becoming a viral hit in its own right. The popularity of the commercial was a testament to the five time Emmy winner enduring charisma as an actress. That […]

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I seem to have written posts for this blog for over 5 years (over 300 of them). To improve manufacturing quality (which of course reflects on overall product quality), industry drifted off into other traditional directions (profit, grow the organization, etc.). As I mentioned in my last post, the manufacturing quality goals were nicely described […]

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Tom Curley of the Associated Press observed this significant shift in control as well. “The users are deciding what the point of their engagement will be what application, what device, what time, what place.” But we have continued to grow and change the media landscape. Rosen explains that graduate from wanting media when we want […]