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Nike sent a wakeup call to Wieden Kennedy in 1997, placing part of its account at Goodby, Silverstein Partners. The move so galled Dan Wieden that he compared his West Coast rival to an adulterer trying to break up a happy marriage. For Mr. The judge was not persuaded by this explanation. As it turns […]

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I done. I had enough. You can just spam /r/HailCorporate and expect an upvote. Lately, though, Apple membership in this group has been called into question. In April the tech giant reported a drop in quarterly revenue for the first time in 13 years as a result of dwindling iPhone sales. Fewer folks upgraded to […]

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The distribution of price to earnings multiples among S 500 companies tightened to extremes in 2013 amid the adoption of unconventional monetary easing by the biggest central banks in advanced economies, Goldman Sachs observes. That set the stage for the value factor to lag, just as was the case prior to the bursting of the […]

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How do I get there?[This is my travel practicalities hub. You’ll have to fly into one of the major European hubs (London, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna) and then fly from there to Croatia’s capital, Zagreb. (Airport name: Pleso; Code: ZAG) Bear in mind the ugly, communist era airport doesn’t exactly make the best first impression rest […]

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“The natural response, I understand it, is to say don’t change anything in the neighborhood and prices won’t go up,” Spevak explains. “But exactly the opposite happens. If a lot of neighborhoods all say we’re not taking any more density, then you have nothing getting built and people come in and just bid up the […]