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Finally, money laundering has a predominant role in todays’ black market economy. Of the $1.5 to $2.5 trillion that is laundered every year, some is related to the same products that are named above. But another large part of the laundered money flows as a result of illegal arms trade, tax evasion and supporting terror. […]

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Mary Hunt is a reformed debtor who went from bankruptcy to banking queen and wiped out thousands of dollars of debt she had racked up. Any time you spend money, simply write down the date, the expense and amount. This goes for all spending from cah to debit and credit cards and even Paypal spending. […]

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Most sexually addicted people eventually realize that using sex as a quick fix doesn’t work. As the addiction takes its toll year after year, they become desperate to stop, but can’t. They’re trapped because their attempts to stop are based on mistaken ideas. Will provide us with a better understanding of the environment the Earth […]

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A polished business card handed out by a t shirt and jeans person sends a mixed message. Touting your customer service and then answering the phone brusquely will turn people off. If you are opinionated, don write politically correct blog posts; go ahead and be opinionated. SPIRIT OF THE WEST, Des Moines, Iowa. Sending in […]

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Responded by announcing a cut in prices of imported models. But industry analysts say automakers including Ford, General Motors Co. And Volkswagen AG are likely to gain little in sales, because most of their vehicles sold in China are produced in local factories.The tariff cut is likely to benefit high end European and Japanese brands […]

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“They saw my scores drop and drop and drop,” Wells said. “A bunch of them left the office to pick me up on the back nine. I was flabbergasted when I found out later how many people had done that. We walked across trash strewn streets and into well maintained parks. We crossed the lush, […]

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I’ve made excuses for Vicky, but she’s been saying all this stuff and I’ve been quite na about it.”The 24 year old beauty went on to admit that while she doesn’t want to jump to conclusions about her pal she does feel hurt by her comments.She explained to Star magazine: “When I landed in Australia […]

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If you dance Swing or Smooth, you can hide this problem by wearing a vest (waistcoat if you’re British!). Check your back view though if there isn’t enough overlap, you may find your shirt poofs out between your trouser belt and the bottom of the vest. Not a good look.. This creates a unique differentiation […]