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In the Eighties, Carl and Carol Jacobs were the lead singers of the band Shandileer, and they were stars on the calypso scene in Trinidad and Tobago. They came up alongside luminaries like David Rudder and Charlie’s Roots, in an era when calypso was still about lyrical content and pushing the music into new forms […]

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Should a Logo Include a Graphic, Just Text or Both?There are many corporate logos that are simply text. This is called a text treatment. Fonts are chosen that align with the message. He took three shots and made one field goal in the second. His four points were a season low and 20 below his […]

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Chang’e 3 lander and Yutu rover from Above And Below Composite view shows China’s Chang’e 3 lander and Yutu rover from Above And Below (orbit and surface) lander color panorama (top) and orbital view from NASA’s LRO orbiter (bottom). Chang’e 3 lander color panorama shows Yutu rover after it drove down the ramp to the […]

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Since May, HP has worked with its agency, 180LA, and Niche to find influencers, largely around its “bend the rules” campaign. Twitter has said little about how it will integrate Niche. (The company declined to comment, citing the infancy of the acquisition.) One agency executive said Twitter is sending pairs to meet with marketers, one […]

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Consider drought resistant plants. Not only will you not need to water every night, but you be surprised how hardy these plants are. Some need very little care at all once they been planted and had time to establish themselves. The April June increase in productivity followed a much weaker 0.3 per cent rate of […]

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By Sunday morning, firefighters had recovered 100 bodies, fire department Operations Director Maj. Mohammad Mahbub told The Associated Press. He said another 12 people who had suffered injuries after jumping from the building to escape the fire later died at hospitals. If I forgot and turned my neck even just a bit, well let me […]

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I’m so flummoxed that this stuff is so stigmatized and viewed as so shameful that we hide it, and then what happens is that cycle perpetuates. In my case it did. I think if I knew my grandfather had been sick I think maybe I would’ve been able to say to somebody sooner, “Hey, I […]

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A small study published in December 2016 found that 30 minutes of running lowered inflammation in runners knee joints. In the report, researchers at Brigham Young University brought 15 healthy runners into a lab where samples of their blood and knee joint fluid were taken before and after they ran for 30 minutes. The researchers […]

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It is on the nosedly titled 100 Years, and it’s described (by Malkovich) as a “terrific, emotionally charged” film. Hopefully it’s loaded with lots of razor specific references from 2015 to baffle the Rodriguez great grandchildren. Is there an extended Left Shark dance sequence set to “Take Me To Church?” Guess we’ll have to wait […]